New to The Vine?

At The Vine, we welcome everyone and it’s our desire that you find a place here where you can connect closer to Jesus Christ. Here you can get a feel of what out Sunday mornings look like. We hope to meet you at Worship with us very soon!

Join us for hot coffee and a time of community building in our Fellowship Area prior to service. Keep an eye on the church calendar as we have a fellowship breakfast once a month. 

Our worship team plays a few songs to help you get your heart ready to connect with God's word. 


"Make a joyful shout to the LORD, all you lands!"

Psalm 100:1

Video announcements and the dismissal of kids ages 2-9 to our Branches Children's Ministry, and those ages 10-13 to our Kitchen Table Kids Youth Ministry. If parents would prefer to keep their children with them in the service, we welcome that too! We have prepared children's activity boxes located on the table in the back of the Sanctuary. We also welcome you to use our "Family Room" located just behind the coffee station. This room is an extra space for all families/caregivers with young kids and nursing mothers to allow the kids to be kids, connect with others in the same season, and listen in on the sermon message streamed on the TV in this space.

As our teaching time begins, we'll start with our "Spiritual Tune Up" question and continue Verse by Verse through the Word.

Our worship team will end with one song as we close our service. This is also the time on the first Sunday of each month when we take communion. 

Use this time to pick up your children and spend time in our Fellowship Area connecting with other believers.